HR Dashboard

Customizable HR Dashboard in the Mint HRM will serve your Corporate Social Media as well as intranet requirement


Social Platform

All of your employees are connected to a common social platform. Mint HRM HR Dashboard will help you to promote your Company culture whist keeping everybody engaged with the company.

Analytical Dashboard

You will notice the most critical data in a more meaningful and visual manner. Your decision will be more timely and effective as you are well informed as and when it happens

Time & Attendance Management

Mint HRM has multiple ways to capture Time & Attendance data on real time basis. Biometric devices, Mobile App, IoT(Internet of Things), Workflows as well as Excel bulk uploads are available for you to choose the best method that suits to your business operation.

Absence & Leave Management

Applying or Approving leave has to be very simple to the extent that users don’t require any support. Mint HRM can assure the best user experience.


Easiest way

You apply leave mostly when you are away from the office desk. So the best way to request leave is on your mobile. Your employees will love using the mobile app to submit or approve leave requests.

Better way

Approving leave may be a big decision you cannot simply make on mobile. Mint HRM provides leave planners of all employees for managers to make more accurate decisions.

Self Service

One of your most important responsibility is making your employees feel truly valued. We keep a special space in your system for them. Viewing self-profile checking balances, making requests are just one click in Mint HRM. Let them know how important they are.

User Profile

Employee Information Management

Mint HRM consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take actions on the data instantly – from your office on the road or at home.

  • Employee Personal Information
  • Employment Information
  • Remuneration Details
  • Attainments
  • Health & Insurance data
  • Digital Personal File
  • Employment life Cycle


We understand how vital it is to protect and safeguard remuneration information, which is why we are highly concerned about entirety of the payroll. We can make sure to conserve the highest level of security and confidentiality to safeguard employee remuneration information.


Fast & Neat

Getting payroll processed smoothly and promptly is a priority. But it is stressful & cumbersome. We can save your valuable time by eliminating a lot of unnecessary work. Let us help you to keep you free and relaxed.


Mint HRM has many feature to make sure you will filter all of your inputs to the payroll. The system will highlight possible mistakes whilst processing. Paying employees has never been so
cost–effective, convenient & most importantly; accurate.


Everybody likes tailor made products. What if you can have a readymade system that can be customized by your own? Admin module gives you the flexibility to customize our system

  • Automate your HR systems & Processors
  • Build company hierarchy
  • Create reporting hierarchy
  • Manage user Permissions
  • Set Notifications
  • Create Templates

Performance Management

Is your Performance Management really helpful to improve company Performance? Less than 10% of companies believe so. Why ? Why not you align ?

No more arithmetics, calculators or papers… Do it with ease in Mint HRM. It is all about deciding on a mark and making a comment. Successful Performance Management is just a few clicks away.

You need to avoid central tendency, halo effect, leniency and biasness in your evaluation. We can make it a more transparent, time bound and SMART process which everybody will trust and adhere with.

Learning & Development

Key to competitive advantage of your company is your people. If the people are capable and competent, 90% of your problems are solved.


How do you identify key competencies needed for the company? How do you develop your employees to meet competency gaps? How do you plan your learning and development journey? How do you evaluate return on your investment?

Answer to all above is a systematic Learning and Development process in the company. Mint HRM
L & D Module can guide you to stay competitive.


Number one mistake in HR is hiring wrong person for the job. How do you do it right for the first time with least effort and cost? You need a platform that will assist you to

  • Do a realistic manpower plan
  • Advertise at the right place at the right time
  • Attract the best pool of candidates
  • Filter the best with least effort
  • Interview right candidate
  • Hire the right

It is just one green workflow in Mint HRM