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Managing your employee information is no more a challenge. We provide you a dependable solution, which is instantly available on your demand. No investment is needed on hardware or software implementation. You can pay only for the usage. Enter to the world of minthrm and enjoy the comfort of managing employee information. Be cool….


In implementing a cloud based HRIS instead of an on-premise application, corporates can ensure the application is available whenever needed. Users can login to the application when and wherever they choose.


minthrm provides a fully responsive application that could be used on any device of your choice. Our application can fit the screens of PC’s, Tab’s or Smart phones thereby providing users with a consistent look and feel.

Immediate Activation

Our application will be available to you instantly after completing the registration process. All you have to do is setup your HR process via a simple administrative interface and you are ready to start operation.

Easy to Use

minthrm integrates futuristic features for user convenience. Users could capture a 360o view of employee data in multiple data formats without leaving the application.

Highly Secured

minthrm is built to ensure the highest level of security for the safety and privacy of client data. Clients can choose the arrangement which best suits them, be it a Private, Public or Hybrid cloud.

Changes Cost Model

minthrm operates on a ‘ Pay-per-Usage ’ model. Therefore our business model would enable Corporate to convert from CAPEX investment to a more manageable OPEX model.


Not a typical presentation of stats in graphical mode. It acts as an intranet as well as a social platform. A holistic view of the company to the CEOs, Departmental specific data to the HODs. Personal information to the Individual in more meaningful manner. You can customize your dashboard with the most frequently used features.

Admin Panel

You have the opportunity to decide what your master data should be. You will not juggle with any irrelevant data once your configuration is done. The great thing about minthrm is that everybody can retrieve the data they need. But only within the permissions given to you.

Employee Information

minthrm consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly—from your office, the road or home.

Time & Attendance

You can schedule any complicated shift arrangement just in just 3 clicks. Irrespective of your industry, sector or scale minthrm has a very powerful and smart tool in scheduling and managing shifts.

Absence and Leave Management

Leave approval process becomes very tedious in most of the HRIS due to the complexity of reporting channels. minthrm understands your need just like your HR manager. Let the mint to keep you cool all the time.


It is reasonable if your HR Manager likes to be benefited with a good information flow when managing employee benefits. minthrm benefit module is built in a very flexible manner; it suits to manage any type of benefit.


We understand how vital it is to protect and safeguard remuneration information, which is why we are highly concerned about entirety of the payroll. We can make sure to conserve the highest level of security and confidentiality to safeguard employee remuneration information.

Info Center

Our application helps you to filter, group and sort every piece of data. You can build your own reports. We make sure your reports will show only the data you would like to see at each instance. Though you enter less you get more in return by way of reports.

Resource Center

Ever thought of having an HRIS, which fulfills resource center requirement? In minthrm you have the facility to share important information with your staff. Smooth information flow will always create higher level of satisfaction among your staff.

Performance Management

" It is no use saying 'We are doing our best' you have to succeed in doing WHAT is necessary. "

We assist in aligning your PM process to achieve corporate goals of the company.


Attracting right candidate, reviewing, interviewing, assessing and hiring is no more tiring exercise. Our recruitment module provide 100% paperless platform for all above

Learning and Development

Our learning and development module will provide you a strategic guidance on employee development.

Examine your L & D effort through a strategic lens.

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